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Sindee Smith Locker

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Prodigy Game Online Directions

Go to 

Click on Play Prodigy

If you have a Prodigy account:  type in Username and Password, select Login, select Update, enter the Class Code for your Period

Period 1:  1AAAD7

Period 2:  E68FA0

Period 3:  C1CE0C

Period 4:  1E64C7

Period 6:  E6F1AD 

If you don’t have a Prodigy account:  select New Student, enter the Class Code for your Period, enter First Name and Last Initial, create a password (write it down in your notebook), click grade 7, design & name your Avatar.  

Commutative Property.jpg

Commutative Property of Multiplication

3 x 4 = 4 x 3 

12 = 12

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Math Joke:
Student A:  How do we know that the fractions 3/c, 6/c, and 8/c are not from the United States?
Student B:  Because their numerators are all over c's!

Math Joke:  
Teacher:  What is 7Q plus 3Q?
Student:  10Q
Teacher:  You're welcome!
(Share with a classmate.)  

Sindee Smith

Math 7 Common Core and Math 7CC Accelerated

Be a “Force of Nature” is our theme this year.  As we work together, (Parents, Teachers, Students) communicating and always striving for excellence, encouraging our young critical thinkers to get creative in achieving their academic success, we can collaborate to help our students accomplish their math goals and continue their journey beyond the classroom.  With investigative learning and hands-on activities, students explore, share, apply, and justify their answers to real world situations.  We are at the core of preparing them for college and career readiness.

I look forward to a triumphant and positive learning experience for all of my students.

All students can be successful in math with hard work, practice, and perseverance.

We can all become Mathematicians when we put our minds to work.     

Math Supplies

Spiral notebooks for math only; five sharpened or mechanical pencils; notebook paper; graph paper; a folder; colored pencils/markers; highlighters; glue sticks; individual pencil sharpener; pencil pouch to keep all writing supplies; 12 inch ruler with centimeters side; dry erase markers; and VVMS agenda book.

Donations are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your generosity and kindness to our classes.  We appreciate your donations of a box of sheet protectors, Kleenex tissue boxes, pencils, glue sticks, notebook paper, and construction paper. Thanks again for caring and thinking about our students here at Valley View. Proud to be a Viking!  =)


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Current Assignments

Google Classroom Class Codes

Period 1:  bnujlr 

Period 2:  vl3txnr 

Period 3:  lltbm4

Period 4:  datxjv5


Carnival Example

Bowling Example

Magic Mountain Example

Cellphone Example

Two-Step Word Problems


Period 6:  3azub2

Unit Rates Assignment

Online Textbook or MobyMax Access Instructions

Log into your Google Account, 

(first initial.last name + 6-digit ID)


Go to

Once there, click on "Log in with Google"


If already logged into Google, then you will see both the Big Ideas and MobyMax icon


Click on the Big Ideas Learning Application or MobyMax App


For the Online Textbook, under Featured Resources, Select Student Dynamic eBook

Library- click on Course 2 textbook OR ACCELERATED textbook

Math 7CC


Math 7CC Accelerated


Distributive Property

Distributive Property

Associative Property

Associative Property of Multiplication